Your business is not Insured – Windows XP Zero-Day Vulnerability

We know that windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft after April next year.  We also know that XP still runs on 31.22% of the world’s desktops.

What is worrying is that right now one third of the desktops IN THE WORLD are vulnerable to newly emerging Zero Day bugs like this one: Windows XP Zero-Day Vulnerability Popular – InformationWeek.

This is sort of OK because Microsoft are still nominally supporting XP and will be working on a patch.  However after April next year they won’t be.  You will be on your own.

Having spent a bit of time recently looking at Business Interruption and Cyber Loss Insurance, I’d expect the Loss Adjusters first question on any claims after April next year to be: “Have you still got XP in your environment?”

I’m also pretty sure that if your answer is “yes” then your claim will get an awful lot harder to proceed with.

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