I know I’ve done this before BUT!!!

A survey of 2,500 UK mobile users found that 27% have lost up to three company devices and 52% regularly carry a mobile device containing sensitive work data, putting their employers and customers at risk of fraud.

Nearly a third said they regularly use Wi-Fi hotspots, but 56% do not check security before connecting to them, with 22% accessing work emails and 10% accessing confidential documents in public places

The survey revealed that 61% who use their devices for work do not use password protection, 20% use their personal smartphones for business, and 63% use the same or similar passwords for all accounts.

Only 3% of respondents were concerned about the theft of corporate data, while 47% do not worry about losing customer details and 55% do not worry about losing intellectual proper

White hat Wi-Fi hacking shows vulnerability of business data.

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