UK Health Records since 2006 up-loaded to Google.

This SHOULD make you angry. It does me.

PA Consulting uploaded the “entire start-to-finish HES [hospital episode statistics] dataset across all three areas of collection – inpatient, outpatient and A&E.” to Google BigData. That’s 27 DVD’s of info that took them 2 weeks to upload

So if you’ve visited hospital since 2006/7, the statistics have been collected and your data is now in the cloud

Literally the only proof provided in PA Consulting’s documentation that their safeguards are appropriate or thorough is their use of the word “appropriate.”

If you’d like to know what health data of yours is being sold by the UK government you can find out here in the “What Data is Used?” section

British government under fire for upload of millions of medical records | ExtremeTech.

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