If you want to know how to Hack here it is…

Last year Hacking Team – who provide an industrial Hacking service to governments was hacked. 

The hacker grabbed their email and source code and released it to the world.  Turns out that Hacking Team provided amongst other things covert surveillance software which was sold to some fairly illiberal regimes.  They also manufactured zero-day exploits.

A good example of a zero-day is the one used by the FBI to crack into the locked iPhone of the San Bernardino Gunman rather than having Apple unlock the phone.

The irony of an organisation such as Hacking Team being hacked did not go unnoticed and now the Black Hat Hacker who performed the attack has documented how they did it.

The documentation also sets out how to attack all sorts of common systems and is worth a read to understand how a hacker thinks and how a hacker does what they do.

The Hack—– 6kho7 – Ghostbin