Virtual Chief Technology Officer ‘vCTO’

As a Fund Manager grows it faces a variety of challenges, most of which get solved with systems backed by technology. Ensuring that the systems are right can make the difference between scaling from $500 million to $1.5 billion or slipping back to $100 million

The staff responsible for the day to day support of the system are probably not the ones qualified to assist in the Big Questions, if indeed there are any IT staff in the Business! IP Sentinel will act as an Interim CTO to help with:

  • Act as in house CTO:
    • Budget cycle
    • Vendor management
    • Regulatory – FCA approval & Arrow visits
    • Fund raising – AIMA DDQ & Fund consultant assessments
  • Source and manage in-house IT staff
  • Manage system selection and implementation
  • Security audits and ISO/ADSIC accreditation
  • Audit existing systems and process for scalability and Fund Manager growth