Fund Manager Start Up

Company Image, Presence and Basic Communications.
At the very early stages, you have a trading strategy, a full contact book and the desire to start a fund

To get through the door of a Prime Broker, let alone achieving an FCA registration you will need the veneer of your own corporation. This is what Clive Woodward calls a Critical Non Essential. Obviously your Strategy and results are the most important thing to a seed investor. But seed investors are seeing a huge number of embryonic Fund Managers all who are offering similar results, track, pedigree. Presenting your strategy in a corporate manner from the get go will help you stand out.

IP Sentinel have the experience of creating several small financial services businesses both in Fund Management and in Retail Investments. We have built relationships with a range of suppliers who can do all the basics in a joined up manner

The Fund Manager Start Up package includes:

  • Domain
  • Email with archiving and full mobile access
  • File share and archiving
  • Four logo ideas from a UK based designer
  • A static 6 page website
  • Compliance opinion on the website content
  • Business cards, letter head paper, compliment slips
  • Word & PowerPoint templates
  • Phone number and eReception