Fund Manager Services

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We set up FCA Compliant IT Systems, policies and procedures & act as a virtual CTO for your organisation as it grows

Information Services

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Teaching companies how to configure themselves for best practice information protection. This covers physical infrastructure, networks, servers & workstations, policies & procedures, supplier & staff contracts.

Typical engagement structure

  • Information gathering & objectives definition
  • Baseline environment
  • Propose enhancements
  • Implementation
  • Regular Audit

System Monitoring

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IP Sentinel provides your organisation with a service managed external log aggregation, event alerting and reporting solution.

The concept is exactly the same as a home or office burglar alarm monitoring service. The difference being the alarm is installed in a company’s information systems. The sensors and aggregation will be collecting & monitoring potentially sensitive and confidential information, so the alerts are constructed in such a way that the confidentiality is preserved. Alerts are constructed in such a way as to minimise false positives.

There are two modes of operation. Alerting and reporting

Alerting is done in real time. When an alert is triggered the IP Sentinel service control will contact the approved person at the company to inform them of the alert and suggest the next steps.

Reports are based on aggregated suspicious patterns of behavior and can be anonymous. Reporting will be done on a weekly basis with any suspicious activity highlighted so that a company can take further actions if they require.

For a demonstration follow this link and use the username demo and password demo when prompted