How good is the NSA?

So according to all media the NSA has cracked all manner of encryption. SSL/TLS, RC4, PGP. They have back doors into Android, Blackberry & iPhones. They slurp the entire worlds data, parse it, analyse it and then archive it.

Does that seem believable or is it all just what they would have you think?

Certainly the maths genius’ at the NSA could be cracking the lower 128 bit SSL keys but 2048 bit data encryption keys? really?

Obviously the best way to beat a locked door is to find a way around it. Front-on assaults take a lot of time & effort.

It seems more likely to me that they have somehow reached an agreement with the software vendors that implement the encryption, to maybe reduce the entropy or randomness of the encryption seeds.

I think strong encryption is still safe but maybe the implementation leaves something to be desired.

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