Fingerprint eSupervision Platform

Fingerprint’s secure cloud system automates the end to end workflow for a Firms Regulatory Archiving and eSupervision obligations. The platform is built with data security and segregation at its core with all data archived in a dedicated storage account.

Ingest and Index

Fingerprint will remove the need for separate and costly legacy archive and supervision solutions for each communication channels. Fingerprint automates the collection of unstructured data across all channels, transforming general, unstructured communication information into standardised, indexed and searchable text that is uniform across all channels.


Fingerprint will replace the obligatory, time consuming and expensive task of manual random sampling across multiple legacy solutions. Fingerprint’s powerful search engine will allow a Firm to perform efficient searches on specific words, phrases, and to create Restricted lists and Watch lists. Fingerprint will return all results in a web-based and user-friendly manner, providing quick exports to Excel, CSV or PDF. Searches will run on a regular or custom schedule.  Investigating message threads that migrate between multiple channels can be presented as a quick and easy to read storyline.

Alert and Supervise

Fingerprint will automatically push alerts in response to selected target searches or Suspicious Terms stop list, giving a Firm total control and peace of mind. Any individual item in a search result set can be tagged for easy access in the future and shared with the supervision team.

User Authentication & Permission

Pre-defined IP address whitelisting ensure system access is restricted to a Firms specific location/s, and Multifactor Authentication protects all logins.  Fingerprint will generate automatic alerts on suspicious user activity (e.g. a login from a new machine or different browser).

Data Security

All data is encrypted at rest and in motion, all access is Role Based and fully logged and audited.  All systems are enabled with zero privileges and have to be positively permissioned before access is granted.


Fingerprint logs all user actions, ready to be reviewed by users’ managers or supervisors.


Fingerprint vets all personnel with access to customer data to FCA standards.


Fingerprint’s read-only REST API provides access to key data for external systems and is fully integrated with the user permission access control and IP restriction model consistent with the front-end access.