Fingerprint eSupervision

The Challenge

Firms within the financial services industry are required to Archive and Supervise Electronic Communications.  The largely unstructured data set is constructed from a dizzying array of multi-channel communications between companies and individuals.  These channels commonly include emails, Instant Messages (‘IM’), phone calls and Bloomberg messages.

A Firms day to day processes will involve multiple ‘Channel-switching’ interactions (starting a conversation in an IM, developing it in email and concluding it in a phone call).  These interactions can be solely business related, personal or a mix of the two.

New emails arrive in inboxes and Instant Message group chats ping on a minute-by-minute basis. Incessant notifications and communications cover everything from a surprise Market move through to trying to reconcile a trade break at the end of a day.

Every message could potentially be part of a response to a Regulators Investigation in which your firm is involved.

The Solution?

We have developed a secure cloud based solution based on the requirements of the premier Regulatory Host ACA Mirabella

The Fingerprint eSupervision Platform

The Regulatory Framework ?

There are 3 key Rules from the FCA that you need to satisfy.

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Is my Firm Likely to be Investigated?

It’s probably more common to be subject to investigation than you might think.

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