Business Planning – Seeking Sales

Some form of outsourced Log & Event management service is a novel thing.  So how best to sell the concept to customers?  The general experiences I have are through an indirect channel. What are the best indirect channels to reach Information Security leads?  My thought process to date is:

Accountants & Solicitors
Offering book keeping, legal advice and business advice in general to small & medium enterprises.  I’m guessing that companies ask their Accountant/Solicitor if the know of anybody who can….. {insert specialism}.

Real Estate
Often a business premises move brings the IT systems to the forefront and instantiates a dialog about the systems general fineness for purpose.  Would a business ask a real estate agent about premises & IT security?

If information is stolen, lost, damaged a Business will check to see if its insured and if they can make a claim.  An Insurer will want to see if steps have been taken to mitigate the situation so perhaps Insurers making the suggestion…

IT Service companies
Expanding a support offering to provide Security Services