Barclays hacking attack gang stole £1.3 million

Barclays hacking attack gang stole £1.3 million, police say – Telegraph.

A ‘KVM’ is a box about the size of a small paperback book.  It is uncommon to find a WiFi enabled KVM, however server rooms all over the world work on IP addressable KVM’s like these.  In order to to WiFi or more likely 3G enable an IP-KVM you would need some form of router/modem dongle.  All of this kit would need witing & plugging into the PC and the mains.

However… With a little bit of enhancement this DIY job could maybe have filled the bill.

Also thinking about the human factors.  An unannounced and un-called for engineer turned up, plugged in at least two devices to the mains, re-wired the back of a PC or two, obviously checked with the staff that things were working and then left without any challenge?

I hope they look after our money better than that!


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