20% more Investment Firms Cyber Security Incidents Reported in 1st 4 months of 2017 than the whole of 2016

In a response to an FOI Request asking

“The total number of cyber incidents (both attacks and those attributable to human error) suffered (to your knowledge) by the private equity firms that you regulate”

The FCA doesn’t hold data for Private Equity particularly but does for firms with Managing Investment permissions and the results are

2015 – 8 Incidents – 7 x DDoS, 1 x Hacking
2016 – 6 Incidents – 1 x Phishing, 3 x Ransomware, 2 x Hacking
4 months 2017 – 8 Incidents – 1 x Phishing, 5 x Ransomware, 2 x Hacking

Mind you there are 56,000 regulated firms so there is massive under reporting going on again!