IP Sentinel have a unique insight into the why’s and how’s of IT Systems, based on our experience in building services and support for a wide variety of firms both in terms of size and strategy. We have a partnership with Cordium to provide a breadth of Regulatory and fund services aside from technology.

Our primary focus is securing your Information Technology through robust procedures, systems, support, continual monitoring and regular auditing

Fund Manager – Startup

IP Sentinel provide all the essentials for a Start Up. From Logo design, Letter Head paper, PowerPoint and Word templates through to a Virtual Switchboard and a Microsoft Office 365 suite that is fully archived. We can also design a basic website. It’s always the little things that make the difference in the inception of any business, presenting a professional image the systems in place to back it up is often the difference between making it or not.

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Fund Manager – Infrastructure

As your firm grows from an idea into an actual company the requirements of managing IT becomes a factor. Especially in a regulated environment, how you manage your IT is important to your business success. Investors will want to see an infrastructure and process they understand before they put their money in. The regulator demands that you undertake all aspects of your business with due skill, care and diligence. IP Sentinel provides a full Regulator and Investor satisfying Microsoft Cloud and local Infrastructure, process, policies and support at a low monthly fee.

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Fund Manager – Virtual CTO

Often Investors will suggest that a firm requires a formal management structure in all areas of the business. This is not always cost effective. IP Sentinel offers a Chief Technology Officer (‘CTO’) service virtually. We provide the traditional Head of IT role from budgeting and personnel through to vendor selection, product implementation and ongoing management.

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Fund Manager – Business Continuity

IP Sentinel have a long track history of implementing regulatory sound Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans. These plans are more than just paper exercises for firms as they form a key part of, not only, regulatory requirements but Investor Due Diligence as well.

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Fund Manager – Data & Cyber Security

IP Sentinel provide a wide range of services from Data Security Assessments, ISO27001 Planning, Incident Response Plans, IP Security Policies & Procedures and Training through to hard Info Sec solutions such as Log Aggregation

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Fund Manager – Regulatory IT

Ensuring that your firms IT is compliant with the Regulator (FCA/DFSA/MAS). In the UK, specifically the Senior Management Systems & Controls Handbook (SYSC). Given the propensity for outsourcing and the regulators increasing scrutiny IP Sentinel has wide experience of ensuring arrangements are SYSC8 compliant.

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In the UK, the FCA Principles and the SYSC handbook in particular have deep implications on IT Systems, company policies, requirements around data monitoring and data retention. IP Sentinel has lived through this, understands what the FCA requires and delivers appropriate IT solutions to our customers.